order your delicioudes food our delivery boys delivered food in your home. online food delivery in prathipadu.

Online food delivery in Prathipadu
The food is at your doorstep.


Online food delivery in Prathipadu
Dosa is nothing but a full stop made big on a non stick.

The above picture is Chitti Pesarattu which is famous for prathipadu .In English we

call it as (mung bean dosa) or crepe like bread.

tiffen from totalfresh app and adide details given in below pictuer

Food delivery in prathipadu

Online food delivery in Prathipadu
A Trendy Food Delivery App.

Totalfresh food delivery app is a courier serivce in which a restaurant store or

independent food-delivery company delivers to customers.An order is typically

made either through a restaurant .In this totalfresh app the delivered items includes

drinks, desserts, all kind of food items and grocery’s et cetera with totalfresh customers

can get their choice of food delivery from restaurants ,grocery’s delivery from totalfresh

grocery stores and local stores ,meat ,medicines and delivery of fresh vegetables .

Amazon pay or in paytm.And the main person of this totslfresh is 1)Bunny Naidu sir

and co person is Shiva Naidu sir and mainly it is located in Mangalagiri.Now it is ready

to launch in different places. Order the famous food items & grocery’s related to your cities

Online Food delivery in Prathipadu

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Operating From Mangalgiri,Andhra Pradesh. Currently Available in Mangalagiri, Tadepalli.
. TotalFresh is Planning to start Delivering Flowers and Other Daily Needs in the Coming Months.